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RGB LEDs are great for creating colorful decorative lighting, but they are not particularly good at producing pure white light. However, they can create other colors using the same principle. Depending on the LED strip you choose, you can opt for a cool white or warm white color temperature.

RGBW LEDs are a new entrant in the LED lighting space. They combine RGB LEDs with a white LED in a four in one chip, thus producing a softer yellow-white. They are also more versatile than their RGB counterparts. RGBW LEDs can be used for task lighting or as accent lights. They also cost a bit more than their RGB counterparts.

Compared to traditional LEDs, surface-mounted diodes are more energy efficient and brighter. Unlike traditional diodes, SMDs are also easier to work with. They can be mounted directly onto a light strip, eliminating the need for wires and soldering. They are available in many types and colors.

SMD LED strips have a wider range of power and CCT (kelvin) options. These strips are also able to deliver a higher lumen output per watt. They are also more durable. SMD LEDs are smaller than traditional LEDs, making them ideal for use on electrical boards. SMDs also produce excellent color consistency.

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Choosing a power supply is an important part of any LED strip project. The power supply is what determines whether the LEDs work as well as they should.

Jennifer Lewis
There are many types of power supplies. You can get an inexpensive plug-in power supply or a high-powered, waterproof power supply. The power supply you choose will depend on the power consumption of your project and the size of the LED strips you plan to use.

Alicia Heart
Choosing the best power supply for your project isn’t rocket science. There are many factors to consider, such as the size of your project, its location and the power consumption of the LED strips you intend to use.

Juan Carlos

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