Ambient TV PC Backlight Led Strip Lights For HDMI Devices USB RGB Tape Screen Color Sync Led Light Kit For Alexa/Google /TVs Box


Price: 608,75 - 608,75

New version dynamic dream color Led light strip can displays the side colors of the screen in real time behind your TV or PC monitor. It could create dream color light to your TV PC or other monitor HDMI-compatible system.

What is the difference bettwen 1.4b and 2.0b sync box?

HDMI 1.4b:4k@60hz ,not support H-D-R and Dol-by vision;

HDMI 2.0b:4k@60hz , support H-D-R 10,Dol-by vision;

Does HDMI 2.0 Sync box light kit work with H-D-R 10,Dol-by Vision function?

Answer: yes,pls make sure your TV monitor and your HDMI device all support H-D-R ,Dol-by Vision Function , so that can you use dol-by ,h-d-r function with our hdmi 2.0 light kit .

Attentions In Use !!!

1.The kit works any hdmi-compatible device (Input) to our Box to your TV (Output). The Sync Box is a bridge;Support 4k@60hz;

2.For TV box, X*box, play*station 4/5, Nin*tendo,x*iaomi mi box, tv stick, am*azon fire tv stick, Goo*gle tv Chrom ecast 4K, consoles ,appl tv ,SAT/cable receiver,etc.

3.This system doesn't support built-in TV tuner,TV original sounds, built-in smart video player.

4.When using the product, the TV needs to switch to the corresponding external hdmi device signal;

5.Support ARC(Audio Return Channel) : connection method is: HDMI device(tv box ) → sync box → ARC → TV screen;

6.How to use the kit with several devices such as ps4/5+Xbox one +tv box etc?

(You need to use them with one hdmi switch to control the hdmi signal input,each time can use one hdmi signal)


Support maximum resolution: 4096×2160 (4K)

Support color depth: 10Bit / 12Bit / 16Bit

Protocol version: 1.4b./2.0b.(important)

Controller box :Built-in microphone

Support Frame Rate:4K@60Hz


4096×2160 YCbCr420 encoding@60Hz




1.For HDMI-Compatible device;

2.Create a immersive Viewing Experience;

3. Tuya Smart Life APP Control;

4.Smart Voice Control(Manage your smart TV lights with simple voice commands via Alexa and Google Assistant,Enjoy access to more colours and features like Timer, Video, Sounds sync , helping you create the ambiance you need.)

5.Sync screen colors;

6.Enhanced Music Mode(built-in mic, helping you sync them to music)

7.Easy to install.


1. The installation and setup takes only about 8-10 minutes .Don't require professional knowledge or soldering iron, because everything is already wired and provided with plugs.

2. You should make sure that the TV back is about 5-15 cm from the wall, because the wall serves as a reflector and therefore the wall should be white.


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