Individually Addressable SK6812 Mini 3535 5050 SMD RGB LED Chip Digital Pixels White/Black as WS2812B Leds DC5V 2~1500Pcs


Price: 5,70 - 5,70

SK6812 (similiar WS2812B) 3535 5050 SMD RGB full color addressable SMD LED Chips 5V

WH= White version,  BL = Black version

Product Description

Voltage: 5.0V

Current: 20ma per color, 60mA total at full brigtness

RGB (R 620-630nm/G 515-525nm/B 460-470nm)

SMD3535 size: 3.5*3.5mm(Mini)

SMD5050 size: 5.0*5.0mm

Viewing angle: 120 degree.

SK6812 RGB is a set of smart control circuit and a light emitting circuit in one of the controlled LED source. The outer type is the same with a 5050LED chip, each element is a pixel. Pixels contained within the intelligent digital interface data latch signal shaping amplification circuit,power supply circuit, a built-in constant current circuit, high precision RC oscillator, the output is driven by the patented PWM technology,effectively guarantee the pixels in the color of the light high consistency. Data protocol using unipolar NRZ communication mode, the pixel is reset after the end of DIN, accept the data transmitted from the controller to the 24bit, the first to send data by the first pixel to pixel extraction, internal data latch, the remaining data after the internal plastic the processing circuit after shaping amplification through the DO port output began to turn to the next cascade of pixels, each pixel through a transmission signal, reduce. Pixel using automatic shaping forwarding technology, makes the number of cascade without signal transmission limit of the pixel, only limited signal transmission speed.The LED has a low driving voltage, environmental protection and energy saving, high brightness, scattering angle, good consistency, low power,long life and so on. The control circuit is integrated in the LED above,more simple circuit, small volume, easy installation.

SMD5050 LED:



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