LED motion sensor light strip Stair streamline light under cabinet night light Addressable LED RGB Strip Lights for the stair


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LED motion sensor dimming light Stair streamline lightunder cabinet night light Only Work with Addressable flexible LED Strip

Product packaging:

10m LED strip light set include:
1 * LED Controller (Size: 16*5.5*2.5CM)
1 * Power Adapter(US/UK/EU)
2 * 5m Addressable RGB light strip
2 * Motion Sensors
  Except for the set, the power supply is not included.The sensor is equipped with 30cm wire as standard.
  This controller only has the function of lighting on both sides, and cannot create the effect of one-step lighting.
Important note:
The positive and negative terminals of the power supply input of the controller cannot be reversed, the red wire V+ is connected to the positive electrode of the switching power supply, and the blue (or black wire) V- is connected to the negative electrode of the switching power supply.
Product Parameters:

Input Voltage: DC5-24V

PIR Sensing distance:16ft-32ft (5m-10m)

Applicable Products:WS2812B,WS2811,1903 Dreamcolor LED light strips and so on.


Product instructions:

  After the controller is powered on, the nixie tube will display "XX-L", "XX" represents the lighting speed of the addressable light strip, you can directly press SPEED- SPEED+ to adjust it to your appropriate speed.The run speed of light strip will get slower when the number is higher(Max 99-L)


  When you need to adjust other parameters, press the "SET" key to enter the setting mode.


  By pressing the "SET" key to enter the first item displayed as "LXXX", you can adjust the length of the addressable light strip. "XXX" at the beginning of L is 3 digits. These 3 digits are the number of beads of the light strip. The button SPEED- SPEED+ can be adjusted and supports up to 800 lamp beads.


  After the adjustment is completed, press "SET" again to enter the second item of the setting and display "P-XX", adjust the light color of the addressable light strip, there are 32 different mode effects, options P-01 to P-32 .


  Press "SET" again to enter "E-XX" to set the duration of the light strip's overall continuous lighting. E001-E999, the higher the number, the longer the light stays. It is also adjusted by pressing the SPEED- SPEED+ button (recommended to be set to E001)    


  Note: The light can be continuously lit for up to 999 seconds, and it cannot be continuously lit.


  After adjusting all the settings, press the "SET" key to return to the initial display state of "XX-L". At this time, the controller will save a series of setting parameters you just made, and the saved setting parameters will be used next time you turn on the machine.


If you have any questions about the product, please consult online customer service. We will actively answer your questions.


Installation diagram:



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