Smart Ambient TV Led Backlight For 4K HDMI 2.0 Device Sync Box Led Strip Lights Kit Wifi Alexa Voice Google Assistant Control


Price: 904,46 - 488,43

Upgraded Sync Box & TV Backlight Kit For HDMI 2.0 external device ,upgraded new version dynamic dream color Led light strip kit.

Upgraded Features:

1.Sync lights to any HDMI device;

2.CEC Enabled high quality video: 4K/60Hz, HDR 10+, Dolby Vision.


Upgraded Model :Sync Box – HDMI 2.0

Sync box :Built-in microphone

1.Reveal a full Immersion Experience- unblocks full surround lighting in your home.

2.Upgraded Model – HDMI 2.0

Seamless sync experience with our sync box, support high quality video: 4K/60Hz, H-D-R 10+, Dol-by Vision.

3.Fit All Screen Size up to 120 inch,if you need other sizes, pls contact seller .

4.The light strip is cuttable design, make it easy to attach to the back of screen in any size. The sync box will auto calibrate the light strips.

5.Accurate Color Reproduction

The sync box apply them to light strip with ARGB LED, to ensure the high accuracy of color reproduction in sync mode.

6.CEC Enabled

Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) Feature. Use only one remote controller to turn on/off TV, sync box and other HDMI connected devices.

7.Can connect to widely range of hdmi-compatible devices ;

Works with A*pple TV, Xbox, PlayStation and Mac & Windows and etc.

8.Black Bar Auto Refill

When the TV screen is black, the light zone will not be turned on. When the screen is color, it will sync the you the perfect home theater atmosphere.

Cannot work with smart TV built-in APP, a HDMI input is required

What kind of external device can I use with this product?

1.This system doesn't support built-in TV tuner, built-in smart applications.

2.The kit is designed for person who use TV with an external HDMI-compatible sources(Fire tv stick , Ch-r-o-m-e cast 4-K , SAT/cable receiver, TV box, Xbox, playstation 4/5, A*pple TV etc.)

3.If your TV has multiple HDMI-compatible devices, the HDMI-compatible cable must be reconnected manually.


1. The installation and setup takes only about 8-10 minutes .Don't require professional knowledge or soldering iron, because everything is already wired and provided with plugs.

2. You should make sure that the TV back is about 5-15 cm from the wall, because the wall serves as a reflector and therefore the wall should be white.

2 Versions (Please choose according to your needs when purchasing)
HDMI 2.0b Kit: non Waterproof;
HDMI 2.0b Pro Kit: Waterproof and silicone cover with can cover larger lighting area.

Package included:

TV Led Strips*2

Connection cables*1

Ambient Sync box*1

Corner connectors*4

Double-sided adhesive*4

Power adapter*1

Packing box.


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